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No Plot? No Problem!
A Low-stress, High-velocity Guide to Writing A Novel in 30 Days
Book - 2004
Save the Cat!
The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need
Book - 2005
Save the Cat! Writes A Novel
The Last Book on Novel Writing You'll Ever Need
Book - 2018
Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies
The Screenwriter's Guide to Every Story Ever Told
Book - 2007
The Emotion Thesaurus
A Writer's Guide to Character Expression
Book - 2019
The Emotional Wound Thesaurus
A Writer's Guide to Psychological Trauma
Book - 2017
The Positive Trait Thesaurus
A Writer's Guide to Character Attributes
Book - 2013
The Negative Trait Thesaurus
A Writer's Guide to Character Flaws
Book - 2013
The Plot Whisperer
Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master
Book - 2011
The Plot Whisperer Workbook
Step-by-step Exercises to Help You Create Compelling Stories
Book - 2012
Bird by Bird
Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Book - 1995
Letters to A Young Writer
Some Practical and Philosophical Advice
Book - 2017
How to Write Like A Writer
A Sharp and Subversive Guide to Ignoring Inhibitions, Inviting Inspiration, and Finding your True Voice
Book - 2022
The Elements of Expression
Putting Thoughts Into Words
Book - 2012
The Practical Writer
From Inspiration to Publication
Book - 2004
The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being A Writer
Everything You Need to Know About Craft, Inspiration, Agents, Editors, Publishing and the Business of Building A Sustainable Writing Career
Book - 2020
Refuse to Be Done
How to Write and Rewrite A Novel in Three Drafts
Book - 2022
The End
How to Write A Bestseller in 30 Days. Part 1
Book - 2012
Story Genius
How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write A Riveting Novel (before You Waste Three Years Writing 327 Pages That Go Nowhere)
Book - 2016
Steering the Craft
A Twenty-first Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story
Book - 2015
Mastering the Process
From Idea to Novel
Book - 2020
Plot & Structure
Techniques and Exercises for Crafting A Plot That Grips Readers From Start to Finish
Book - 2004
1-25 of 50 items
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