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Essential Tools You Will Never Need to Buy
Created by jallegrini | 12 items
All you need is a Kenton County Public Library card to be able to borrow these and many other essential tools for your project. These are some our favorite and most popular items.
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Loppers Loppers Equipment - ET0071 Leonard (28", 1.5" capacity)
Broadfork Broadfork Equipment - ET0125 Wood Handle (5 tine)
String Trimmer, Cordless String Trimmer, Cordless Equipment - ET0254 Dewalt 20v DCST920P1
Drill-driver, Cordless Drill-driver, Cordless Equipment - ET0293 Bosch 33614 (14.4v) includes case, 2 batteries, charger
Pole Pruner And Saw Pole Pruner And Saw Equipment - ET0128 Leonard (2-6' fiberglass poles, 1-3/4" cutting capacity)
Blower, Cordless Blower, Cordless Equipment - ET0265 Craftsman 20-volt
C-clamp C-clamp Equipment - ET0148 Irwin 1901234 (4")
Ladder Ladder Equipment - ET0140 Werner Step Ladder (3-step, 225 lb)
Chainsaw, Cordless Chainsaw, Cordless Equipment - ET0261 Craftsman 20v, 12" bar (includes 2 batteries and charger)
Hedge Trimmer, Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Cordless Equipment - ET0132 Ryobi RY40601 (24" blade, 3/4" cut capacity, 40v, blade cover, debris remover)
Air-compressor Air-compressor Equipment - ET0175 Bostitch 6 gallon, 150 PSI, pancake
Lawn Rake Lawn Rake Equipment - ET0090 wooden handle 13"
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